I stepped from Plank to Plank
A slow and cautious way
The Stars about my Head I felt
About my feet the Sea.

I knew not but the next
Would be my final inch -
This gave me that precarious Gait
Some call Experience.

Emily Dickinson, c. 1864

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super cool week

Snagged from Yahoo News
Last night the light from this incredible moon kept shining in through the windows, making it look like daylight out there. I didn't get up and take any pictures, of course, because that would have meant dressing for the cold and driving down to the bay to get anything really worthwhile. Instead, I climbed back into bed. This event usually occurs once a year; the moon is in its full phase at the same time that it is closest to the earth, and we just happened to have a clear night here. The first in many days. While much of the country has been baking, we have been having temperatures below normal.

From Climate Prediction Center
Yes, this is what happened to us all last winter, too. A strong ridge of high pressure built over the midwest, and we ended up with all the cold. Apparently this is set to change, and it can't be too soon for me. Yesterday I planned to head to Snohomish to make a few jumps, but the weather didn't cooperate; it didn't clear until late in the day. I decided to try again today, and although the temperature is quite cold (36 F), it should warm up in the predicted sunshine. I'll try again today and hope to get my "knees in the breeze" a time or two. I really don't mind the cool weather, especially when I read about some of my blogging friends already having 90-degree temperatures. Of course, a bit of warmth would be more likely to melt the massive snowpack in the Mt. Baker area so we can get some good hikes in during the summer. It's possible that the High Country will not be accessible again, for the second year in a row. But I'll think about that later.
Check it out!
THIS is what has been occupying most of my time and attention this week, though. On Monday morning I ordered myself a new laptop to replace my seven-year-old trusty MacBook. It was beginning to fail and I found myself growing impatient as I waited for things to load. Or hang up and never load. And Smart Guy told me that the hard disk was beginning to fail. This is the first post I've written on this new machine, and I love it, simply love it!

What amazes me is its incredible thinness. I remember when Steve Jobs first introduced it to the world, he pulled it out of an interoffice envelope! Even at the time I gasped with amazement, and I hadn't even seen one in person. Now it's on its second version and a new version is expected this summer. However, I saw that this one is beginning to go on sale to get ready for the new one, and I ordered it online Monday and received it Thursday. That kind of turnaround won't happen when the new version comes out, and I'm perfectly happy with my pretty new toy. It is solid state and has no moving parts, no fan inside, with plenty of connection ports. I put a link under the picture, just in case you are interested in looking more closely at my new gadget. It was seamless to migrate all my pictures and apps from my old one to the new one, so other than being FAST and QUIET, it's like my old laptop, familiar in every way.

You can tell I'm happy with it. Plus I watched a Masterpiece Theater episode on it yesterday, with headphones, and I found the screen resolution astounding. I could never have done that with my old machine, as it was way too slow and would hang constantly. Okay, I'll stop rhapsodizing over my new obsession so I can finish up this post and get ready to go skydiving.

The week has been filled with activity, and yesterday was also our eighteenth wedding anniversary. We were married in freefall, which I wrote about here, and we also celebrated our tenth anniversary by jumping out of a plane together. We won't be doing that on our twentieth, because he's not active right now and I suspect I won't be by the time it rolls around in two years. Skydiving is still fun for me but I see myself moving on to new pursuits. Every day I am grateful that I'm still kicking, jumping, hiking, and having the chance to play in the air. Life moves on, though, and feeling all my aches and pains, I'll be happy to take up knitting again. Someday.


Rubye Jack said...

It's supposed to get to 91 degrees with high humidity here today so count your blessings. This in May!
I envy you your new laptop DJan. My computer has been crashing for over a year now and I don't think it has much time left. I just love the way your new Mac looks and I bet it doesn't weigh much of anything either. I hope you get in some jumps, or a jump, today. Happy Diving!

Anonymous said...

Hey, nothing wrong with knitting if that is your trip. Lol. You are such a likeable person, DJan. Anything you write is a joy to read. BTW, I looove your new computer. My Lenovo laptop is so heavy and clumsy in comparison.

Bragger said...

I have been sorely tempted to go with a MacBook when my beloved laptop dies. You may have just sealed the deal. Congratulations on your new toy. And I hope the weather cooperates for you today.

Linda Myers said...

These changes in our lives are necessities, I guess. Whether it's a phase in our lives or the result in the changes in our bodies.

Enjoy your jumps today!

Sally Wessely said...

My MacBook Pro isn't that old, but it is also starting to be slow. I love your new one. I'm thinking of buying a desktop. I want to get some serious writing done, and the laptop is just a little too hard on my hands. I am tempted by your new laptop though.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Great post this morning. I've used PCs all my computer life, but the sight of that laptop (and my love for my iPad) makes me think I'll take a new look when the time comes. Never too old to change, right?

Grandmother Mary said...

It was rainy and cloudy here last night and the moon wasn't visible. I'm admiring others' photos of it. My Honey just got his new MacBook and couldn't be happier! Enjoy!

Buz said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, Jan and Smart Guy!

Sorry, but I just have to know: 11-inch or 13-inch screen? 2GB or 4GB of memory? 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage?

The Broad said...

Happy anniversary, DJan and congratulations on your new toy. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Gigi said...

Gotta love getting new toys! Happy anniversary, DJan.

Arkansas Patti said...

First off, Happy Anniversary.
I envy you your new toy. You mean my slow speed may not be my ISP but my computer? You are tempting me.

Red said...

You tied these four ideas together very well.
Happy anniversary and Happy skydiving.

Jackie said...

The moon was gorgeous, Jan. I did exactly what you did! I didn't go out and take any photos of the moon even though I knew it was an incredible one. I knew I would see some phenomenal shots of it today, and I have. Thank you for sharing the one you did. It's stunning!
The temperature here (south Georgia) has been in the mid 90's for a while. I'm wondering what summer will bring us. We need some rain...almost drought conditions here.
Your new computer is absolutely "da bomb"...and I couldn't be happier for you. What an incredibly thin computer with amazing features. I haven't seen one (in person) but am thrilled beyond words that you have one. Enjoy it, my friend. It's in wonderful hands, and we are all the ones who will gain from your purchase. I love your writing and photos.
Belated happy anniversary to you.
Have a blessed week.

Trish said...

I love my macair. At first, I didn't think it had a large enough hard drive, but that hasn't been an issue,and probably won't be, what with dropbox and icloud.

Happy Sunday, DJan. In the thirties there, 92 here in Florida today.

Fun60 said...

I missed seeing the moon as we have had non stop rain for weeks now. (I'm sure it will have stopped by the time your friends arrive in London. Really interested in your new Mac. I have just bought a Samsung netbook for the first time so I can take it travelling with me. Off to Madrid on Wed so hoping it will enjoy the trip and cooperate.

Sandi said...

I missed seeing the moon, for some reason! Gorgeous photo though, even if it isn't "yours"!

I know what you mean about getting your new mac. I love mine so much. It still works as good as ever and it's going on two years old. I know that when the time comes, I'll get another one. Mine looks like yours, just not quite so new!

Happy Anniversary! Hope the sun holds out for you this week!

Dee said...

Dear DJan, . . . you could get a new job as an ad writer for Mac! You certainly sold me. My MacBook Pro is only two years old however and it is still young and frisky.

You seem to be moving so easily toward letting go of what have been your passions. What I truly appreciate in your postings is your gratitude for what your life has been, is being, and may come to be. I believe that feeling grateful makes for a happy life.


CrazyCris said...

Happy Anniversary!!! !8 years already?! I'm still amazed at your freefall wedding, wonderful! :o)

LOVE your new toy! I've been begging my MacBook to hold out for a while longer because I can't afford to replace him yet, although he has been giving me signs that I need to pay attention to (will be 5 years in Sept) *sigh*