I stepped from Plank to Plank
A slow and cautious way
The Stars about my Head I felt
About my feet the Sea.

I knew not but the next
Would be my final inch -
This gave me that precarious Gait
Some call Experience.

Emily Dickinson, c. 1864

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I live in a beautiful place

Trail in misty woods
It was only last Thursday when I was hiking in the High Country in cool wet weather, enjoying scenes like this one. And yesterday I sweltered in unusually warm and sunny heat here in Bellingham. Even that area pictured above is thirty degrees warmer than it was three days ago! Springtime usually brings us wild swings in weather conditions, but it seems awfully early to me for us to be having temperatures in the 80s (26C). I'm fine with cooler temperatures since I can always add a sweater, but you can only take off so much.

That said, I am so grateful that I live in such a beautiful place as the Pacific Northwest. Even with the heat, it's not oppressive like much of the western United States is experiencing today, since the humidity and dew point stay pretty low. And the weather will change again by midweek, back to our usual temperatures. Some people love the heat, but I'm not one of them.

Last night I had a lucid dream. Or at least one where I remembered it and woke during the night, realizing that I wasn't done with the dream so I went back to it. It involved skydiving, as many of my dreams do. I was attempting a skydive with an attached wing, and I had to hold it tightly in my hand so as not to lose it. When I woke, my hand was still curled around the handle of that imaginary wing. I stayed with the dream until it was successfully completed.

I've recently been interested in lucid dreaming and ordered a couple of books from the library. I'd forgotten about one I requested and was pleased when it showed up ready for me to check out last week. It's called A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming and is fascinating. I don't get to keep it long enough to practice the exercises that are suggested, so I ordered it on Amazon for my Kindle. Now I can read it and practice at my own pace. Last night got me excited about what's possible.

I was also visited last night in my dreams by a departed husband. He lingers around in my consciousness this morning, although I hadn't thought of him in years. It makes me realize that there is a pantheon of lost loved ones who are still alive in my heart, and this whole idea of lucid dreaming might give me a chance to spend some time with them in a manner that is more directed than usually happens in a dream. I've got a lot to learn; I'll keep you informed as to my success with it. I'm just in the second chapter of the book.

Sunday is the only day in my self-imposed schedule that doesn't have exercise built in. The app that comes with my iPhone that shows how many steps I take every day has informed me that even if I stayed in bed all day, I would still be considered highly active for the week, with a daily average of more than 15,000 steps. Sometimes I forget why I am so tired when I fall into bed at the end of the day, but the app reminds me that I have every reason to feel well used and ready for sleep. And now when I sleep, I've got plans for that time, too!

There is no doubt that I am addicted to both exercise and structure. Whenever we have a holiday, as we did last week, it throws off my schedule for days. I kept thinking it was Monday when it was Tuesday. This week everything goes back to normal. And speaking of normal, I was mightily pleased to find that my knee is healed and will not be keeping me from my usual activities. I still carry a brace with me when hiking or walking, but I haven't had to use it and am thinking that I am whole again. Is it because I am fit that I've healed so quickly? Or was it just not that injured? Whatever, I am very happy to be running and hiking again. (I almost put "jumping again" but realize that skydiving is in my past, not my future.)

You would think that an activity that consumed me for a quarter of a century would not fall away as easily as skydiving did for me. Since it has, that tells me it was time. It's been almost exactly a year since I sold my skydiving gear, and I don't miss it at all. It helps to see Lauren, the young woman who bought my gear, on Facebook every now and then keeping the gear well used. It makes me smile every time I see her. It also helps to realize that the many hours I've spent in freefall are still a part of me and tucked away somewhere in the chambers of my mind. I may have found the key that will allow me to fly whenever I want. A lovely aspect about keeping blogs is that I can return to times when I've discussed the same topic before: I wrote this post on my other blog about flying dreams way back in 2010, when I was still an active skydiver.

Some people write in journals, but I write in my blogs and can go back and visit my posts whenever I want. I am especially fond of the search engine that I have on both blogs, because it gives me the ability to sort by topic. Since most of my readers are also bloggers, I wonder how different people use theirs. Am I missing out on some techniques? Sometimes I think I could go back to the beginning of each one and just start reading if I don't have anything else to do. Since I am so fond of schedules, I could just work in some time during the week to do just that.

And I'll be signing up for my third semester of yoga next week, too! Between my volunteer work on Mondays, taking a yoga class on Wednesdays and Fridays, hiking every Thursday, and my usual gym activity four days a week, I'm not sure just where I'd find that time. Oh, yes, I just remembered: during this time of year I've also got my garden to tend to, which doesn't do well if I forget to water it when it's so hot. This is the best time to get out there and water: before the sun reaches it in the morning. That time is fast approaching, so I'd better hop out of bed and get started with my day.

So, on that note, I wish you, my dear readers, a very wonderful week ahead. You are all an essential part of my life and I cherish every one of you. Be well until we meet again next week.


Linda Reeder said...

As to your exploration of lucid dreams, I guess all I can say is "Dream on!" Any dreams I can remember having recently I was happy to have just go away.
We're trying to get out early enough this morning for a walk in order to beat the heat. We are looking at temps in the low 90's today, much too hot for me. All productivity stops around here in that kind of heat.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember my dreams, but David does. I think there is a spirit world that we enter when we die, but who really knows?

John's Island said...

Hi DJan, First of all, that is an absolutely wonderful photo to start this edition of Eye. And it is another excellent edition. Just in your first two paragraphs you said things I agree with completely, but might not have thought of such a good way of saying them: "I'm fine with cooler temperatures since I can always add a sweater, but you can only take off so much." and "Some people love the heat, but I'm not one of them." Amen on loving the Pacific Northwest! Thanks for mentioning the Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming ... I'm also fascinated with dreams and how they are generated ... I will check out the book. I have read that everyone dreams, every night, even if they don't remember it. I wonder if you have heard that and if you believe it to be true? Lastly, I sure hear you about the holidays and how they affect the weekly agenda ... I was off kilter all week as well ... looking forward to tomorrow being a regular Monday. :-) Hope you have a fine week ahead!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am a vivid dreamer, but I have a bundle of sleep disorders, night terrors and then the parasomnias; REM behavioral disorder, sleep starts, sleep talking and walking...so I am a basket case when it comes to sleep. During a family vacation in a camper my blood curdling screams kept my in laws and other family members sleep deprived:)
So I am anxious to hear what your book says, usually I can continue a good dream if I am awakened.
I am looking forward to a normal week too:)

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Lucid dreaming is great! You can do anything- converse with people who have passed on, fly, resolve issues, and have fun! Enjoy!

Marie Smith said...

I don't remember my dreams and never have. I wonder why?

We get about two weeks of humidity and heat but that's about it. Otherwise our natural air conditioning takes care of it, screens on the windows and doors and the east coast breeze.

I am in the process of saving my writing on Cloud. I haven't decided what to do about my blog, organizing and saving it. If I get the opportunity, I will do something to preserve the family stories for the family.

Have a great week, without too much heat!

Elephant's Child said...

You do indeed live in a beautiful place. No more beautiful than your heart though.
I suspect you healed so quickly for a combination of reasons. You are fit, and disciplined. And determined.
Have a wonderful week.

Rian said...

I also agree that you live in a beautiful place, DJan. And as for lucid dreaming, I'm all for it. There was a time when lucid dreams were common with me... even a bit of *out of body* experiences (if that was what they were?). Whatever they were, it was a wonderful feeling of freedom... which is what I feel when 'dream flying' also. But it's been a while. Do share what you read about it.

Red said...

Memory is a fascinating topic for me. We have long and short term memory. I don't think I have a good memory. there are parts of my life that are fairly blank. My wife will talk about something that I have no recollection of even when she reminds me. At this age my short term memory is terrible. Since I had the seizures I realize what global amnesia is. I don't want that again. My seizures are well controlled.

The Furry Gnome said...

You do live in a beautiful place, and you get to see and enjoy it too. And you are remarably active! I wonder how many people realize how active you have to be to get 15,000 steps on an average day! And how many could do it themselves. What app do you use?

Rita said...

I haven't got much knowledge about lucid dreaming and haven't read about it, but being able to wake up when having a bad dream and going back to sleep to change it for the better--now that's cool! Empowering! I also go back into good dreams--much easier.

You do live in a beautiful place. I am in total agreement with you on the heat. You can always add layers--yes! Have a happy, busy week--as I know you will. :)

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

the photo is beautiful
i don't enjoy the muggy heat either
Lucid dreaming control? wow.....Never heard of such a thing hmmmmmm....

have a blessed week.

Linda Myers said...

Fifteen thousand steps! Brother! My average is about 3500 unless I take a walk.

I have been remembering more of my dreams recently. More than once I have been wandering around a college campus I used to know, unable to find where I am going.

Barb said...

You do live in a very lush place - so much green. I had to laugh at this: "And now when I sleep, I've got plans for that time, too!" Sometimes, if I wake and realize I was having a dream and want to know its outcome, I'll try to pick up where I left off. Doesn't always work, but sometimes I can finish the "show." I'm working in my gardens, too - the snow in my yard is finally melted, though I walked the trail behind my house a short way and still came upon drifts. Wildflowers are starting to bloom in the boggy areas. I, too, feel the need to exercise daily. I'm sure I'd lose fitness fast otherwise.